About me

    I am in love with JavaScript and passionate about web applications development. Currently, I am on a mission to share anything and everything I have learned related to web development technologies and make them super fun to use for my developer-mates.

    Along with vanilla JavaScript, technologies that excites me are AngularJS, Angular 4, ReactJS, Ionic, Ionic 2, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS. (I shall update this list as I experiment with the new ones).

    Currently I am hacking on some applications which uses latest web frameworks like Angular 4 and Ionic 2. I also like to automate things using open source tools and languages. You can expect articles on this theme very soon.

    I believe in the notion that to completely understand any concept you should be able to explain it to others in simplest possible way. And that is the whole purpose of this blog. My aim is to share all the lessons, concepts and techniques I have learned in simplest possible way with everyone who is just as passionate about web technologies as I am. Each article on this blog will be short and crisp, explaining a single concept in depth.

    My philosophy to completely understand any technical concept is to ask these 4 simple questions:

    1. What? (What are JavaScript closures?)
    2. Why? (Why are they so important?)
    3. How? (How do I use them?)
    4. When? (When should I use them?)

    By the way, I am getting quite a few messages asking about the inspiration behind this name of the blog- NgNinja. So, here it is.

    Why the name Ng-ninja?

    My interest in JavaScript and Web technologies developed when I was experimenting and playing with the framework- AngularJS. That framework is the reason I am where I am. So, I wanted to dedicate this blog to that kick-ass framework. And if you are familiar with AngularJS you might know the "ng-" jargons. If you are not, then you really need to follow this blog! ;)